South Jersey Jade Regent

Tayllon Journal #1

There is so much evil in the world…It seems no matter where we go there is someone or something that wants to kill us. I used to take pleasure in testing out my combat skills against them, but lately it seems I am lucky to come out of battle with my life. I am afraid…afraid that we may not even make it to our destination without dying of hunger, let alone giants and witches. The others can never know this.

I thought I was ready to explore, ready to find a home that will call me it’s protector, like Shalelu is for Sandpoint, but how could I protect a city when I feel I can’t even protect myself with my current abilities. It’s only thanks to her that I have the will to carry on. I just wish I knew who she was.

Ever since our journey began I’ve been hearing a voice. A voice that gives me encouragement and tells me I am destined to be something more than I am now. A voice that guides me through the harsh terrain and battles that I may encounter. The voice is definitely that of a female, but it isn’t my mother.

Am I going insane? No, there’s got to be a reason she’s speaking to me. But who would wish to help a half-elf misfit like me? I wonder if the others have a voice that aides them as well. Wait…what is it Shalelu always says? “Only though Desna will your path be revealed.” Is this what gives Zack and Liam their purpose? They always insist on preaching, and even though I believe, I’ve never been a follower.

Is it you Desna? Are you the one who’s been helping me since we left Sandpoint? Can you give me the strength I need to protect my friends? If it is you… Please give me a sign!



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