South Jersey Jade Regent


It had been a long series of days but at last, the entire caravan was reunited and a joyous supper was had following a long day cleaning out the halls of Ravenscraeg. The snow had ceased, giving the caravan a clear, starry evening.

Mira and Ameiko wished a good night to all, and asked for privacy in order to commune with Suishen and learn more of their ancestry.

Zack escorted Koya back to the fortune teller’s wagon and after briefly speaking with Koya, set out to find a clearing where he could, for once, peaceably behold the majesty of a star filled night sky.

Tayllon approached Liam asking for advice as to how to best present Shalelu with the bracers the group recovered from the Ogre Mage. After giving him advice, wishing him luck, and seeing him off, Liam headed to rest only to find Sandru waving him over to the fortune teller wagon.

It seems this night would be a long night for all.



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