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Caravan Tales IV: Shalelu Andosana

Shalelu is still relatively young at 130 years of age, but she can remember when the Lost Coast was truly lost, when only goblin lairs and Thassilonian ruins could be found along its length. Yet for much of her life, Shalelu’s visits to southern Varisia were not nearly as common.

Born and raised in the small elven village of Crying Leaf, Shalelu is an only child whose father was slain not long after she was born by a particularly brutal bugbear assassin, exposing Shalelu to far more goblinoid cruelty than most elves her age dream of in their worst nightmares. It took Shalelu’s mother Seanthia nearly a hundred years to find a new love, and when she did, she chose a human mercenary, scandalizing much of Crying Leaf. As shocking as the choice may have been, Shalelu saw how happy this man Jakardos made her mother, and she loved him as a father for that kindness.

Seanthia and Jakardos met when Crying Leaf was being assaulted by ettercaps led by a green dragon by the name of Verchazmia. Jakardos had been adventuring in the nearby Meirani Forest and he and his party came to the aid of the elves of Crying Leaf. The elves and Jakardos’ adventuring companions succeeded in slaying Verchazmia. Unfortunately, Jakardos was grievously wounded and his companions gave their lives for the elven village. Seanthia, a Priestess of Desna, nursed Jakardos back to health, and the two fell in love. While Jakardos would have undoubtedly stayed in Crying Leaf for the rest of his life, Verchazmia was resurrected and Seanthia died during Verchazmia’s second assault on Cryinf Leaf. Thanks to Jakardos, the elves were once more successful in both defending their village and slaying Verchazmia. Jakardos then left without saying goodbye, shattering Shalelu’s opinion of him. The loss of her mother and stepfather sent Shalelu into a terrible depression, and she left Crying Leaf to seek out a new home.

Shalelu came to Sandpoint, where she found a burgeoning human village that was growing rapidly into a town, but that was plagued by goblins. Shalelu took Sandpoint under her wing, and for many years she protected it from goblins, bugbears, ghouls, and worse. In that time, she helped train some of Sandpoint’s militia and helped farmers and locals fend for themselves in Sandpoint’s hinterlands. She trained a young Tayllon in how to be a survivalist, finding Tayllon to be an excellent student who shared a troubled past with human and elf parents much like her own. She also trained Jorum as a survivalist as well, long before he became one of Sandpoint’s saviors. The three of them looked out for Sandpoint’s citizens by regularly patrolling different parts of the hinerlands.

Shalelu met an adolescent Ameiko when Ameiko had first run away from Sandpoint, helping the young Tian safely get to Magnimar. When Shalelu heard Ameiko had opened up a tavern in Sandpoint, Shalelu ended up being Ameiko’s first customer and the first person, other then Ameiko, to stand up to Ameiko’s overbearing late father Lonjiku. The two have been best friends ever since.

When Tayllon brought Shalelu news that Sandpoint had been hit by swift and sudden goblin attacks, she knew she had to return and asked Tayllon to find Jorum and deliver the news to Jorum as well. She arrived after Ameiko had been rescued by Sandpoint’s heroes. Shalelu looked after Ameiko until she recovered, setting out shortly after to find out what she could about the sudden goblin attacks. Though the goblins had grown more aggressive, they seemingly just as much retreated back to their holes shortly afterward. With Sandpoint safe, Shalelu sought out the heroes in order to properly thank them for rescuing her best friend.

After meeting up with the heroes of Sandpoint, of whom Jorum had joined, she accompanied them to central Varisia to aid with an ogre problem at one of Magnimar’s furthest territories. As fate would have it, Shalelu helped save her stepfather from the ogres, but they had a tenuous relationship as they both aided Sandpoint’s heroes in making the final assault on the ogres. In the ensuing battle, Shalelu was grievously injured. She was left under Jakardos’ care and after being nursed back to health, she reconciled with Jakardos, who finally helped her come to terms with the violent attack that killed her mother. After reconnecting with her stepfather, she felt homesick for the first time in decades and realized she needed to see Crying Leaf once more. She trusted the hinterlands to Jorum and Tayllon and set out for home.

When Shalelu returned to Crying Leaf, she found that the village was under assault by drow. The drow had allied with a green dragon and fearing Verchazmia’s resurrection once more, helped organize the other elves in an assault against the green dragon and drow. When Shalelu finally faced the green dragon, she learned it was not Verchazmia, but rather, her son Razorhorn. Shalelu succeeded in slaying Razorhorn and effectively put to rest the last of her past demons. Once the drow were driven out, Shalelu paid respects to her mother.

Having been taught to revere Desna since childhood, Shalelu soon realized her homesickness was not for Sandpoint, nor for Crying Leaf, but rather for the very journey itself. No matter where she went, she knew she could help in some way. She then remembered Ameiko and decided to return to Sandpoint once more. Upon her return, she learned that the town had been ravaged by stone giants, and that Jorum and the heroes had defeated most of the invaders, then set off to chase them down and rescue the townsfolk who were captured during the stone giant raid. Vulnerable once more, Shalelu helped look out after Sandpoint while it rebuilt, and patrolled the hinterlands once more.

Having a fairly deep connection with Ameiko, Shalelu could sense that Ameiko was bottled up, despite being free of her family’s troubles. Shalelu urged Ameiko to take a long trip soon and when Mira and the others found the shipwrecks and lost bits of her family’s legacy, Shalelu was the first to volunteer to help Ameiko find more about her family past, regardless of how far they needed to go.



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